Do Your Childcare Staff Need First Aid Training?

If you manage a family daycare centre, a preschool, or any out of school hours service then you will understand the importance of keeping children safe. You will have carried out risk assessments on the building you are using and all the activities you will do to ensure everything is as safe as it can be. Despite all of your preparations, it is likely that accidents will happen at some stage and when that happens you must be prepared to act. In an emergency, you can call for an ambulance and the assistance of medical professionals but it could take vital minutes for them to arrive. It is important that you have people on your site who have a valid first aid qualification to provide urgent assistance when and where it is needed.

Who needs to hold the first aid qualification?

Relevant first aid qualification is important for childcare workers and people working in early education centres. It can also be helpful for sports groups and even for new parents who may be wondering how to effectively care for their child.

What first aid qualification is needed?

There are lots of first aid courses and qualifications to choose from, but if you are working with young children the most suitable option is offered by the HLTAID004 course. The HLTAID004 course is approved by the Australian government and is designed to teach you to provide emergency first aid response in an education setting. During the course you will cover issues such as basic first aid, offering emergency life support and CPR.

What will the HLTAID004 course look like?

The way the first aid course is presented may vary depending on who you choose as your course provider. Typically, you should expect the course to include an entire day full of practical training and teaching as well as some online study to be completed in advance of the practical training. At the completion of the training, all students will be assessed to ensure that they achieved the desired level of understanding and knowledge.

To find out whether the HLTAID004 course is right for you or to arrange for a place on the course you should contact your nearest provider today. They will be happy to explain exactly what the course involves and how you can join the course at a time and location that suits your schedule.

For more information, contact an HLTAID004 course instructor.

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